Cover Artwork Design and Graphic Editing $30 (Per design and edit)
We update your image, bio, and info across all music platforms, including Stores, AllMusic, Nielsen Soundscan, and more. $20 (Per Update)
Advertisements on social media, emails, and blogs. $80.00 Monthly or $20.00 Weekly
A Press Release with links to your music, story, and social media pages can bring you thousands of views and plays. $20.00 (Each)
Contact us to preview beats from our clients who compose music. Get a blanket license or purchase them individually.
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Distributing your content through BERYL MEDIA to stores like iTunes, Spotify, and Napster, is FREE! Our services such as Cover Artwork, Marketing & Promotion, etc., are not free. When purchasing any of our services PLEASE provide an email address that you will be able to use to communicate with us. After we have recieved your payment, someone from our team will immediately reach out to you to start the process of filling your order. Thank you for working with us :)